Shocking! These Android Apps Reveal your Personal Data

 Modern cloud-based solutions have become a standard in the world of mobile application development. 

Services like cloud storage, real-time databases, notification management, analytics, and more are one click away from integrating into applications.

However, developers often overlook the security aspect of these services, their configuration, and of course their content. 

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An investigation carried out by Check Point Research (CPR) describes the general problem of misuse of cloud services, both by configuration and by implementation, and describes the impact of "bad practices" on application developers and their users. 

Misconfiguration of third-party services by mobile app developers exposes more than 100 million personal data.

And it is that many application developers have put their data and user data at risk by not following best practices when configuring and integrating third-party cloud services into applications. 

In some cases, this type of misuse only affects users, however, developers have also been exposed this time. 

The incorrect configuration has put at risk both the personal data of the users and the internal resources of the developer, as well as the access to the update mechanisms and the storage.

The real-time database allows application developers to store data in the cloud, ensuring that it is synchronized in real time with each connected client. 

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This service solves one of the most encountered problems in application development, while ensuring that the database is compatible with all client platforms.

But what if the developer behind the app doesn't configure their real-time database with one of the most basic features: authentication?

Well, there is nothing in place to prevent unauthorized access from being processed and data being exposed.

Notice to Google

After examining 23 Android applications, Check Point Research has found that mobile application developers have exposed the personal data of more than 100 million users through a series of misconfigurations of third-party cloud services.

Some of the vulnerable apps are on topics ranging from astrology (Astro Guru) to taxi services (T'Leva), logo creation through screen recording (Screen Recorder) and fax services (iFax).

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In the latter, for example, a cybercriminal could access each and every document sent by the 500,000 users who installed it. 

However, if you are a user of any of them, do not worry because those responsible for Check Point Research have already contacted Google and each of the developers to change their settings.

How to Put WhatsApp audios Faster and Save Time

WhatsApp has extended a new functionality to everyone that meets the wishes of many of its users. A new option to make listening to audio from the app less tedious. 

It consists of enabling a faster speed so that the received voice notes can be heard in less time.

This new feature is available worldwide to all users, thus satisfying more and more people who can already enjoy this new functionality. Similarly, it is available on WhatsApp web.

Available with 3 Speeds

The new WhatsApp function has already finished its beta phase and more and more mobiles have this feature in their application. 

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To know if you have it available, you will only have to observe if you have the 1x sign on your voice notes in the messaging service. With this, you can start to make use of this long-awaited feature.

This was a feature in demand for a long time by many users throughout the world. Every day many images and voice notes are received and sometimes these are too long. 

The new WhatsApp functionality allows you to speed up the voice notes received in our conversations by up to 3 speeds: 1x, 1.5x and 2x. 

In this way, the longest, slowest or most non-existent audio messages can be sped up to optimize time.

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Activating this feature is really simple, we just have to start playing our audio in the play button. By default, the voice memo will be played at normal speed, 1x, but in the profile photo of the sending user we will see a 1.

By pressing on this number the speed will change automatically to 1.5x and if we press again we will change to the fastest speed, 2x. 

You have to stay tuned, because when listening to audio at the maximum speed, 2x, this setting will be saved by default; so from that moment on, all the audios will be played at the highest speed. 

If we want to change to the default speed we will only have to repeat the same process.

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WhatsApp in this way fulfills the global desire of many of its users. Voice notes are becoming more and more frequent, thanks to their simplicity and speed, but sometimes we abuse this feature, converting these audios into authentic files of up to 10 minutes. 

With this new feature we can listen to the message completely without losing any information: you just have to activate the maximum speed.

When to see the Supermoon of May and the best time to Observe it

 This Wednesday the so-called red supermoon can be observed again, since the full moon at the closest moment to our planet will coincide at the same time with a total lunar eclipse. 

These three phenomena at the same time are a rare coincidence and NASA calls them a trifecta. The last time the Moon turned red, for about ten minutes, was six years ago, as confirmed by NASA planetary scientist Lucas Pagarini.

Likewise, this supermoon encourages the population's interest in space missions, which allows the scientific sector to increase this interest. 

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It comes at the right time, since in 2024 is the year in which the Artemis program will begin to operate, through which the Moon will be stepped on again, this time with the permanent presence of a satellite and with a woman for the first time.

In this way, this Wednesday is the time of year when the full moon is at its closest to our planet. 

This phenomenon is known as a supermoon and its proximity makes it appear larger. Similarly, its surface can appear up to 15% brighter than usual.

When the Moon passes completely through the shadow of the Earth, it is known as a total lunar eclipse and will begin at 10:46 a.m

This will be the moment, as confirmed by NASA, in which the Moon will begin to enter the shadow and will begin to be visible at around 1:46 p.m. 

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This shadow emitted from the Earth on the Moon is what will darken it, so it will adopt an oxidized or reddish tone due to the incidence of the Sun's reflections. 

We will be able to observe the Red Supermoon in all its tonality for approximately 15 clock minutes, for what will be necessary to remain vigilant. There has been no total eclipse since January 2019.

Each stage of the eclipse occurs simultaneously for those who are contemplating the Moon, but in reality the real times will depend on their time zone

Although it will be visible from any corner of our planet, the areas where the eclipse will be best seen will be the western continental United States and Canada, all of Mexico, most of Central America and Ecuador, western Peru and southern Peru. Chile and Argentina, as well as eastern Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands, including Hawaii.

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In addition, viewing this lunar eclipse and the red supermoon, unlike solar eclipses, will not require the use of special glasses. 

As a consequence, a large part of the world population will remain attentive to this triple phenomenon.